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Sunshine on a Rainy Day ☀️

Kiddos are in bed and I’m excited to share this sweet baby shower with you all! This mama came in about a month ago in search of decorations and tableware for a gender neutral “Brunch for Baby” shower since they weren’t finding out the gender. Crazy. I know. I could never be surprised! I used razor blades as a kid at Christmas to open presents and peek. 😳 Def not waiting to find out gender... Anyhoo! She fell in love with my Meri Meri baby shower line of clouds and sun! 

Ah-mazing! I’ve been waiting for someone to come in and snatch these beauties up! So stinking precious! When she told me it was at the local Rathskeller Coffee Haus & Pub I knew it was going to be a lovely combo. She opted to rent some of my decorations verses buying outright! It’s a great option to save a little money, but still look gorg and not waste!

This sweet little cake topper was the finishing touch for this yummy spread. Who doesn’t love mini donuts?!

Just a few pearly balloons and a floral paper garland to add some balance and color. 

So now you have the overall gist of this get together... let’s checkout the details! 

Checkout those 9 oz. tumblers for the parfaits! Yes, they’re from my little shop of wonders! 

Coffee bar. Total perfection for mama about to have #2. I must say, my coffee intake doubled with my #2!

I would brag about that gold “baby” balloon banner, but whoever made that bow is the real MVP!

I snuck out quickly after I got these few shots of everything. It’s always such an honor to be there, even briefly, for these special celebrations. I love what I do. My only hope is my clients feel that love and appreciation! 

Time for some shut eye! 🌙

Rathskeller’s Coffee Haus and Pub

Rent it!

Floral Garland (pictured)

Cake Plates (pictured) 

Drink Dispensers (not pictured)

Platters (not pictured)

Balloon Banner (pictured)

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