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Lumberjack Bash on Fleek!

You guys. This Lumberjack Plaid first birthday party couldn't have been any cuter. All of the balloons, tableware, decor, and signage was from yours truly at Birdie and Shoosh! We collaborated with the amazing Sasha (and mama!) to throw the COOLEST woodland theme party for sweet little Knox. Sasha hosted the party at Cope Hall and it was seriously such a great venue! They seat up to a 120 guests and it overlooks the beautiful North Georgia mountains with a great big kitchen for all of your prepping needs! Now, let's take a stroll through this winter woodland party!

A good cake table is key to the perfect pinterest inspired party ;) Sasha ordered the poster, "one" balloon, table cloth, plaid banner, food tent cards, cupcake wrappers, and cake toppers from Birdie + Shoosh! The little pine tree are available for rent at our shop, too!

The food was as good as it looked!! All of the napkins, plates, cutlery, cake topper, cupcake wrappers are all available at our store or online in our Etsy shop!

Checkout these custom favors we created!

As usual, the balloons from our store were a HUGE hit with all of the kiddos. Made for lots of great giggles and smiles.

I can't take all of the credit! Sasha found this perfect high chair banner from Ampers and GO on Etsy. How cute is that vintage wooden highchair? We have one almost identical for rent in our shop for only $10!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Their whole family is super creative! Grandma made this amazing "stump" cake (adorned with Birdie + Shoosh custom flag cake toppers) and Sasha hand lettered this GORGEOUS chalkboard sign!

Overall, this party was a SUPER success! Fun was had, bellies were full, and it was downright adorable to look at. I will end with this super cute baby and his very first birthday cake. He loved the sparkler candle... but REALLLLLY loved his first taste of chocolate cake!!

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